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The new JCJP is almost done for beta test. I'm looking for volunteering beta… - Feed Post by beeant

The new JCJP is almost done for beta test.
I'm looking for volunteering beta testers.
This will be private and limited to 50 users.

The requirement is that you need to be at least level 3,
would be better if you can be online on certain schedule (undecided 1 day weekend).

I'm planning to have a real time chat room within JCJP.
Hopefully all beta testers can go online at the same time on the start of the beta test.
So that in the chat room, we can have interactive discussion.

The new JCJP in the beta test will be pretty much the same as the current JCJP.
No new feature is implemented yet.

So the goal of this first beta test are:
- Test the features from current JCJP works properly. (find bugs)
- gain feedback such as whether the new layout provides more convenient learning environment.
- Test the stability of the new technical architechture.

After the first beta test, I'm planning to have a second beta test to test JCJP new features.
posted by beeant

Comments 21

  • mog86uk
    Sounds great! Although it is a little scary to think this awesome website I know and love will be going through changes.

    Speaking of bugs, unless PayPal is having problems at the moment, I'm pretty sure the donate button doesn't work... (^_-)
  • Medyrius
    Count me in ;)
  • Manjius
    I log almost every day around this hour to practice. If that's enough you can count me in.
  • beeant
    thank you very much for your interest! so we got 3/50 for now.
  • Trynox
    I would like to take part in this test as well. I am still new to this website but I am pretty active. Being online at a certain time would not be a problem.
  • BazookaSteve
    I would be happy to take part. I am on GMT -10, however. While being closer to Japan's timezone, it might be hard for me to get online at the same time as someone in Europe or the East Coast of the United States.
  • beeant
    Thank you! :) and we have 5/50 now
  • Tanita
    I would like to help as well:)
  • Tinker
    I would like to take part of the test as well. I am still level 2 with only around 2300 xp to go which is not that much considering it is to be in minimum a week I assume. I am on UTC-5 and available during all day during weekends.
  • beeant
    Thank you! 7/50 now. I'm planning to do this around mid-end of next month. so you still have time to level up :)
  • blizzard21
    count me in then
    by that time , i'm free
  • Norihiko
    I'd like to take part as well :D
  • daphatnguyen
    I'm interested in participating. Please sign me up if possible.
  • beeant
    Thank you very much! 10/50 now.
  • XBound24
    I could do it, but I work sometimes on weekends....
  • Ryuuzaki_13
    Can I test it please? ありがとうごうざいます!
  • beeant
    12/50 thank you!
  • Shizuru
    Count me in for testing as well please =)
  • Cobagi
    I'd like to help with the beta testing.
  • beeant
    thank you! so we hve 14/50 right now.
  • Vocoder
    I am also interested in helping out.