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Hey guys, I wanted to bring up a program that someone brought up a while back, and has been a… - Feed Post by BazookaSteve

Hey guys, I wanted to bring up a program that someone brought up a while back, and has been a large reason for my recent absences.

The name of the program is called "Slime Forest," and in about a month I've learned to identify about 1,200 序用漢字 (じょよう かんじ). The program itself is an edutainment game, a light RPG, in which you follow a villager as he attempts to rid his land of the evils that plague it. To beat the game, you must learn to identify kanji (or read it, although that is a paid mode).

There is a free version of the game teaches hiragana and katakana characters and up to 1,000 kanji in the "normal difficulty" story mode, and it also includes a grammar minigame. The paid version of the game, which costs $25, includes the hard story mode which has around 2,000 kanji to learn, along with various other goodies.

posted by BazookaSteve

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  • zeto
    using edutainment to learn a language are for pussies
  • mog86uk
    This site is kind of like edutainment too, with the exp and combos and all...

    I've been playing SFA quite a lot recently too after mentioning it. I haven't done any practice here for a while, but I check here each day and I can't wait for the beta to start and the new JCJP to arrive.

    I finished the standard grammar mini-game, and decided to check out and finish the other two grammar mini-games which I previously hadn't given much attention to: verb forms and grammar patterns.

    Verb forms goes through around 40 basic forms/conjugations, for each different class of godan/ichidan/irregular verbs. This helped me a lot to spot and understand the differences for each group.

    Grammar patterns was a LOT more than I was expecting, and helped me a lot with constructing sentences and making sense of a few things. It also delves into basic Classical Japanese too, which I was very interested in.

    I'm hoping to do a big chunk of SFA story mode now, then come back and see how much it has affected my performance here. The game and this site complement each other pretty well. I'm glad the game has helped you too. :)
  • Annick
  • Tinker
    Wow, seems interesting. I will definitely take a look at it. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Tony_Yon_Sama
    can't open it..
  • BazookaSteve
    If you're on Windows, you should get an .exe which will automatically unpack all the files into a folder on your desktop. What problems are you having?