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ano.. please fix this.. thanks^^ - Feed Post by Jiaru

ano.. please fix this.. thanks^^ http://prntscr.com/22bp6j
posted by Jiaru

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  • mog86uk
    I just came across this in the Beta too.

    I had thought all the English spelling mistakes had disappeared in the Beta -- as I'm sure I've seen others randomly fixed over there which still exist on here.

    'Board-minded' is still my favourite spelling error here, but I think this one is fixed in the Beta, sadly! :P
  • Jiaru
    just found other mistakes though. I did just ignored it.
  • beeant
    I have fixed this problem yesterday. Sorry for this and thank you for the report! :)
  • Jiaru
    ah. its nothing. i'm grateful that this site is free. i'll report to you if I found a mistake