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Salut, I'm quite impressed by ur languages line up ^^ I see we have some of them in common, french… - Feed Post from Medyrius to Dorayakiko

Salut, I'm quite impressed by ur languages line up ^^ I see we have some of them in common, french is my main language, english comes next and I've studied some spanish at school.
Am I right thinking japanese is not too hard for u since u already know mandarin?
posted by Medyrius

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  • Dorayakiko
    Thanks :) actually my spanish is beginner level, we learned some basic vocabulary and grammar at school. And despite their points in common, knowing mandarin only comes in help for learning kanji in japanese. I speak French all the time now, so my English is getting kind of weird. I know I should read more in English ... so yeah, that's it, I can only speak three languages fluently.
  • Medyrius
    Haha that's the thing with languages, if u don't practice it often it tends to become weird. For me it'd be the opposite, my French is becoming weird, I happen to speak with an english accent without even noricing and when I do I'm like wtf!! xD
    Well I'd say if it helps for the kanjis, it definitely helps a lot, cuz I don't find anything difficult in jap except the fact u have to memorize so many characters...
    Spanish is on my ultimte list of languages I have to speak fluently at some point in my life... I haven't really been into it since I graduated from High School but it seemed like a nice language, sensual and stuff xD

    So i'm guessing u live in quebec?
  • Dorayakiko
    Yup, I'm in Quebec, it's not that bad, after all, but everyone know the cold weather lasts really long here.
    Eh bien, j'espère que vous allez maîtriser l'espagnol un jour! Moi je commence déjà à tout oublier sauf «Hola, como estas» ... :)
  • Medyrius
    Oooh! I didn't know that! I actually never experienced a really cold weather before moving to Canada but u just gave me one more reason to think I'm really lucky to live in Calgary xD

    Actually, it would have been logical for us to live in Quebec since we're from a french speaking country... We also have some relatives living in Montreal.

    Haha j'espère aussi, itsuka kitto... Laisse tomber le "vous", on peut se tutoyer ;)
    Sinon c'est quoi ton histoire avec la langue japonaise? Qu'est-ce qui t'as poussé à vouloir l'apprendre?
  • Dorayakiko
    Hmm? Ah bon ... tu viens d'un pays francophone? Moi jai appris le francais il y a environ 5 ans, et c aussi à partir de ce moment la ke j'ai commencé à m'intéresser aux langues, donc on a acheté un cd et je memorisais les hiragana & katana ... ça m'a pris du temps avant de les connaître tous par cœur!! Puis après j'ai découvert les manga :D manga wa dai suki da yo!!
    Et toi ?? Comment t'as fait pour te rendre au premier rang sur ce site??
  • Dorayakiko
    Aaah i see ;) you must be part of the JCJP team!
  • Medyrius
    Ouip, je viens du Sénégal, Afrique de l'ouest. Tu t'es donc intéressée au japonais avant de découvrir la magie des mangas? Pour moi c'était l'inverse encore une fois, je me suis intéressé au japonais qu'après avoir vu Naruto... Sore ni boku ha manga yori, anime no hou ga daisuki desu... And I learn a lot of new words and expressions while watching anime, I've not really gotten into mangas so far, except for when I used to read Naruto scans, ima ha yameta kedo ne... Some friends happen to tell me that I'm really missing something but I don't think of it that way, I know some great mangas don't have anime versions but most of the greatest ones do, so... ^^

    And no I'm no part of the JCJP team... for the simple reason that there's no such thing... xD
    This site would be a 50 times better if there actually were a dev team... It seems that Beeant does all the dev by himself ^^
    Et pour aller au premier rang j'ai simplement pris tous les points d'exp disponibles (il y a une limite...) en gardant un combo x10 assez constant. Le maximum d'exp qu'on peut faire est de 8.1 millions environ, j'ai réussi à les atteindre après quelques mois d'acharnement, j'étais déjà au sommet du classement une fois la limite atteinte mais par la suite, j'ai accumulé des points avec les Notes pour aller à 10 million... ^^
  • Dorayakiko
    Sou desu ne :o sugoi yo ...
    Je me demande si je peux bien parler couramment le japonais un jour, je me pratique mais j'oublie souvent les mots de vocabulaire, surout la pronunciation des kanji, parce que j'ai l'habitude de lire le symbole selon sa pronunciation chinoise dans ma tete -.-

    But I'm sure that when I will have your age, I can at least speak intermediate level Japanese!! :) it's funny, but, when I was in China, I never even thought about Japanese, it's after coming to Canada that I started learning!
  • Medyrius
    Haha same here, before I used to think there was no difference between Japanese and Chinese xD I'd never believe it if I was told that one day I'd fall in love with Japanese and start learning it...
    But I' e come to understand that a language learning always requires immersive experience at some point. It doesn't really matter where it happens but it's the best way to keep ur mind focused on what u're learning every day...
    Oh I didn't know that knowing Chinese could actually turn ou to be problem when learning jap... I never thought of it that way but it does make sense! xD Hope u can get rid of that bad habit some day and discern the different readings without hesitation ;) I'm sure u'll be more than intermediate by my age if u keep learning seriously!!
    Do u know about Meetup.com? It's kind of social website for group meetings... GREAT way to find Japanese learners/speakers in ur area... I just found it last month and joined a group called "Calgary Japanese Speakers". I'm going to my second meeting on Thursday, jan 30th. We'll be having a Japanese cuisine lesson, I'm so excited to be there! ^^
  • Dorayakiko
    Ah bon? Je ne connais pas d'autres réseaux sociaux à part Facebook, malheureusement ... XD mon amie, tout comme moi, on adore les sushis et la cuisine japonaise!

    If we ever go to Japan one day, I think we'll spend a fortune on kawaii souvenirs and all sorts of foods! :D
  • Medyrius
    Haha I'm sure u would! ^^ They have lots of kawaii stuff... girls can't resist them. xD

    Pour ce qui est des sushis, je l'ai essayé pour la première fois il y a juste quelques jours... J'avais fait un pari avec une amie qui s'intéresse aussi aux trucs japonais que j'allais aimer ça. On a grandi avec l'idée que les sushis, c'était du poisson cru... et ça a somehow crée une sorte de blocage pour certains qui n'arrivent pas à se laisser passer le goût. Mon frère a recraché et ma mère n'a même pas voulu essayer... xD Moi j'ai adoré!

    Oh so u're on facebook! Add me if u want : https://www.facebook.com/mouhamed.lo.779
  • Dorayakiko
    Oh gosh sorry I've been really busy lately with my schoolwork, projects, and stuff ... I don't understand how you can't like sushi x), but anyways, me too I thought at first that it was raw fish on rice until I tried some last year and they were really good! I think the best thing about sushi is all the different flavours ... so far, my favourite of all the types of sushi I tried is smoked salmon and avocado, I guess, or it's like the only one I can remember! A nice lady in our building used to bring us free sushi (she's a manager at Sushi Shop), but not anymore ... :(
    Fufufu, ok, I'll see for facebook!