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would it be possible to turn off the kana readings underneath the vocabulary in settings? I've… - Feed Post by Mugicha

would it be possible to turn off the kana readings underneath the vocabulary in settings? I've found myself always looking to those first before actually trying to read the kanji characters, even for words I know very well :(
posted by Mugicha

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  • mog86uk
    I know what you mean, I found that to be a problem too. You can't turn it off though, but on the Beta JCJP you can.

    You could manually use your browser features to hide them though. Here's how I do it on Chrome, and it's similar in all up-to-date browsers:

    ~1. Right-click on the kana reading, and select 'Inspect Element'.

    ~2. The style for the kana reading should show:

    #wordquestionkana {
    font-size: 17px;

    ~3. Add these extra lines within the brackets:

    height: 0;
    visibility: hidden;

    ~4. You can close the developer tools window now, and the style settings will stay like this until you either leave or refresh the page. (You have to do this every time you do practice, but it only takes a few seconds.)

    This should achieve what you wanted, although it's a shame there isn't just an option for this yet. It really makes vocabulary reading practice a lot more effective. ^^
  • Mugicha
    thank you mog! I just tried it worth Firefox and totally achieved what I was hoping to do, I really appreciate the help!
  • mog86uk
    No problem. I've definitely noticed how much doing this has benefited me. I had the same issue where my eyes constantly wanted to read the readings without looking at the kanji, even on extremely easy words.

    One of the nice things about doing this, is that you will probably still try to pronounce the word in your head even though you can no longer see the kana readings. After you have answered the question, the results area shows what the kana reading actually was, so you can still check that what you pronounced in your head was correct too.

    Of course, the more interesting thing is just jumping directly to answering the meaning of the vocabulary question without pausing to think first about what the word sounds like.

    This feels a lot more like how silent reading should be. Reading out the sounds of the individual letters to yourself, and then trying to think if you recognise a word that sounds the same -- this is what young children might often do when reading! Proper fast paced reading of sentences should be just glancing at each whole word and immediately knowing their meanings -- not thinking much at all about how the words sound, right? :)
  • Mugicha
    very accurate! I feel as though I've used the kana as a crutch for far longer than I should have, I get a greater sense of accomplishment from actually working out the sounds from the kanji
  • Onikkisu18
    sooo..... is there any chance of "removing kana" being added to this website? maybe asking the people in charge? or will it only be on the Beta JCIP? The Beta JCIP has been glitchy for me lately, so i usually just stay on here and it would really help me if i could practice recognizing the kanji without being drawn to looking at the kana.
  • mog86uk
    Have you tried doing what I mentioned in my earlier post?

    Beta JCJP is the new version of JCJP, and it should be replacing this site very soon. So new features aren't going to be duplicated for here, as this version of JCJP probably won't be around much longer.

    This feature has already been added on Beta JCJP. To try it, just deselect the 'Show Kana' option in the Practice 'Settings' menu.

    Beta JCJP needs more people testing stuff out and giving feedback, opinions and bug reports. It has been glitchy, but within just the last week things have improved a LOT! If there are still some glitchy things that you're concerned about, then you should probably spam away on the main page of the Beta, before it replaces this site! ^^




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