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I suddenly noticed how many times I've now answered that question I posted a screenshot of less… - Feed Post by mog86uk

I suddenly noticed how many times I've now answered that question I posted a screenshot of less than a week ago (in this post: http://japaneseclass.jp/feeds/comment/5976). It's now 241 correct & 1 wrong, yet I still have 302 "New" questions I've never even beeb shown, and I don't get why it's still making me answer it three times in a row... xD
posted by mog86uk

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  • mog86uk
    Oh yeah. Also this is showing off my new style modifications to the Practice page (using Chrome's "Stylish" extension)...

    ・I've hidden the stats, which are normally shown below the question. It seems better this way, because otherwise sometimes you start trying to work out answers based on when it says you last encountered the question. It's also much less distracting this way, and can still see these stats in the Encounter History anyway.

    ・I've made it so the kana is automatically hidden (the same thing as clicking on "Settings" within Practice and turning of "show kana"). Now I don't have to change that setting every time I go on the Practice page.
    (I've also made another style which does the same thing as turning "show kanji" off.)

    ・I've hidden the play sound icons. I never use them so they're just more clutter to get distracted with.

    ・Made the Online User's list wider. This fixes the problem where people with 12 character usernames do not fit in the list once they earn over 10,000 EXP. (This problem with JCJP came into existence when flags were added to the list, because the width of the list was not made any wider...)

    ・Made the Online User's list longer. My computer doesn't struggle at all with the list being longer and I have a large monitor, so might as well use up that wasted space at the bottom of the screen!

    Pretty happy with this set up. No more needing to go on "Settings" and choose "show kana" every time I use Practice. ^^