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Hi beeant,
I recently got this word 'wrong'. Maybe there should be a way to distinguish between 図書館 and 図書室.
posted by JulesK_7

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  • fresiak
    judging from the kanji,I guess with 館,it's a building,with 室 it's a room,like for example a library inside the university building. well,that's what I think.I might be wrong
  • KenjiSama
    wtf.....it's the same thing.........LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
  • Jadore_Violet
    we are hoping that the distinguishing factor will be added to the prompt material i.e. instead of just asking library? it should say "library (building)" or "library (room)" so you know which one it is asking you to find.
  • JulesK_7
    I think so too. It'd be good if there was a way to distinguish those two. Maybe like Thundreel said: "Library (building)" = 図書館 and "Library (room)" = 図書室.
  • KenjiSama
    what's the difference between building and room?

    is building the entire library itself? and is room like a room in the library full of books?

    lol....i'm so stupid....
  • RovkirHexus
    The building is the library building, and the room is like a room in a house that is called the library.
  • Jadore_Violet
    I don't know but I think building will be like your local library the ones that are usually built for purpose stand alone things. an room would be like if you have a library room in your house like how some people have an office or gym room. or perhaps the library in a school, hospital or uni provided it is one room with in a building not its own building.

    i think
  • KenjiSama
    i think the first one for library (room) is used more for everything.

    i see it being used in dramas, even in big buildings like schools or just a stand alone library.
  • mog86uk
    I was expecting this video clip would use 図書館, but sounds like Kenji may be right about 図書室 being what is always used. The clip is only around 2 minutes long, but it's around the halfway point that the Japanese girl shows Erin the library.

    (Highly recommend that site btw, which is one of the best Japanese language teaching sites on the internet.) ^^
  • mog86uk
    Wait, what I wrote didn't actually make any sense... Only just woke up and not really awake yet. ^^;

    I was actually expecting it to use 図書室 as the video clip showed a library room within a school, and that is what it used, which didn't prove anything. I had meant to look for an example for a public library building in a town, to see if that also called it a 'library room' or if is actually different as 'library building'. Oops.
  • mog86uk
    I gave up looking for examples within anime and stuff, as it is nearly always a school library... Most animes aren't boring enough to have characters wandering off to a local library... :P

    If you type "libraries in Japan" into Google, pretty much every page is about 図書館 (library building). Like the 国立国会図書館 "National Diet Library".
  • JulesK_7
    Thanks for suggesting that website, it seems pretty cool :D




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