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I am back from my slumber... It's been several years since I by "accident" stumbled… - Feed Post by wako-kun

I am back from my slumber...
It's been several years since I by "accident" stumbled upon this wondrous page (by which I mean, I googled until I found something decent, about 23 pages in). The site was still in its infancy, as was my japanese learning progression. This place, alongside my incredible teacher, Miyamoto-sensei, and the ever recourceful Tae Kim's grammar guide I struggled through heaps of foreign symbols and how to use them.

I sort of promised a friend to do a bit of basic tutoring, and had to check if I still had it. Surprisingly I seem to remember quite a lot after all these (4?) years, though I have engaged in some lazy "practice" about once every 7 months.

This became way longer than I intended, but what I really wanted to say was: IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK IN THE GO OF NIHONS, AND I LOVE TO SEE THIS PLACE STILL ALIVE AND MORE BUSTLING THAN EVER!

Thanks, everybody!
posted by wako-kun

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  • mog86uk
    Welcome back! I see you were one of the first hundred people to join the site, close to 8 years ago (in 2008) back when the site was created. Hope you like work Beeant has done on the site during the time since you left—the additional levels and other changes. ^^
  • wako-kun
    One of the first hundred, huh?
    I love the additional context! Since I haven't gone out my way to learn anything new since my course ended back in high school I suddenly have hours of productive time spending to do. My grammar is pretty solid, from a basic perspective, but my vocabulary is really poor. This is such an easy way to cram them new words in 'ere, so It'll be a long time until I hit a motivational roadblock (one would hope, at least).

    Oh, yeah, and thanks for the WB's. I really have no manners at all.