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Really sorry for the SSL expired problem.
I have been aick for 1 week, and now still having some vertigo. I couldn't fix the problem right away, but it has been fixed now.

PS: anybody ever got some vertigo? Anybody knows how to get rid of vertigo? I have been having vertigo for 2 days now.. >.< it's horrible..
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  • ConnorH
    So sorry to hear that! Vertigo really sucks. Have you tried the Epley maneuver? I unfortunately have vertigo occasionally and it seems to work most of the time. It may take a couple of rounds to subside completely, but as I am not a doctor, you should definitely visit one if it gets worse!
  • mog86uk
    That sucks about the vertigo. I don't really know anything about it. The UK's national health service website has quite a bit of info on vertigo though, especially on the "causes" and "treatment" tabs:

    It mentions one of the causes of vertigo being "prolonged bed rest". As you've been sick for a week, that sounds like how you may have got it? And it recommends what ConnorH said about the Epley manoeuvre for this. Hope you make a full recovery quickly. ^^
  • beeant
    @ConnorH, I tried that Epley maneuver, and it didn't work :(

    @mog86uk, thanks for the link. Yes, this might have been caused by "prolonged bed rest", or "prolonged desk work". I have an appointment with acupuncture doctor today, I hope he can fix it. This will be my first acupuncture.
  • DragonR33DE
    Also, it can be a problem with a stomach or/and low blood pressure. In that case, vertigo is simply a symptom.
  • KyoD2
    I had this problem for more than 2 weeks (started at the beginning of march). I've been to all kinds of doctors, but none of them was able to find anything wrong with my body that may cause the vertigo. From what I've read/heard the most important thing is to get your brain and inner ear checked, but it some cases it may be caused by high levels of stress, exhaustion or even virus infections.
  • beeant
    @KyDo2 really! You had this problem means that you recovered from this vertigo? How did you get rid of it?
    I got headache the day before, slept and when I woke up, I didn't realize I got vertigo, but as I walked out from my house, I noticed that my body is imbalanced.
  • KyoD2
    Well... since nobody knew the actual reason for the vertigo, they couldn't give me any form of treatment other than dimenhydrinate pills. I was told to avoid: studying/reading (especially in front of a pc monitor), playing video games, noisy places, wearing headphones and nights with less than 8 hours of sleep.

    I don't know whether these things helped me or not, but in few days I could walk outside again and in around 2 weeks the symptoms were completely gone.

    Also if you didn't notice it right away and managed walk on your own then it is probably not as bad as it was since I could barely move for the first 2 days. But no matter what the level of the vertigo is, I still recommend consulting with a doctor.
  • beeant

    Seems like yours were more severe.. I can still walk outside, basically I can do things I normally do. It's just when I bend my neck to the right, I feel my head is so heavy and the gravitation just suck it down.

    I can't avoid PC monitor, since I'm a programmer, I cannot do my work without PC.

    I hope the symptoms will be gone for me too.