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The Android app for is available for a test. Please let me know if you are interested in testing it. I would like to hear what do you think about the app, and bug reports too. I will send you the apk file via email.

About the app:
1. The app will be connected to JCJP dev server. Any changes to your account would not reflect on the main JCJP server.
2. It is recommended to create a new account on the app for testing.
3. There are still several performance issues.
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  • mog86uk
    Nice!! I like testing stuff. ^^
  • beeant
    Yes.. :(
    I will send you the apk tomorrow. There is some performance issue I need to fix.
  • mog86uk
    Nobody here is interested in trying the new JCJP app? I thought people posted quite often asking about an app for this site...

    Or maybe... Am I the only person with Android? Everyone else here is now on iOS? o.O

    Android seemed more popular before though, when this question was asked:
  • pekoegal
    I'm interested in testing it. What do I need to do to be able to test it, though? I'm not too clear on how to install non-Play Store apps and stuff.
  • AbMichael
    Hi! I am interested in testing it. What do I have to do?
  • mog86uk
    @pekoegal, "Settings" → "Security", and then look for something like an "Unknown Sources" option. (Might have different wording on different versions of Android or different makes of phones, idk.)

    On mine it says: "Unknown sources" - "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources". Just need to turn this on. (Can switch it back off again as soon as the installation completes.)

    Once Beeant sends out the email with the apk file in the attachment, simply click that attachment apk file and the app will install and add itself to your home screen.
  • YamasakiSan
    I'd like to test :3
  • Medyrius
    I'd love to test that too!
  • devacto
    yes app jpclass, let me be a tester
  • Ag12x
  • beeant
    I have sent the apk files to everyone who wants to test it up until here.
    Thank you very much for your interest! :)
  • mog86uk
    @Beeant, Ooh, Practice Settings! And a logo!! ^^

    I like how I'm still rank 1 in the app, since it looks to be using a user data snapshot from two months ago.

    @Medyrius, You're going to have to test the app hard, as you're nearly 800k EXP behind! :D
  • YamasakiSan
    How exactly do you check?
  • Medyrius
    @Beeant, great work! I'm pleased with the core functionality. Is the social aspect going to be in it as well?
    Overall performance needs to be improved as you mentioned, especially the quiz processing time.

    I'm on Android 6. The app randomly crashes while I'm using it, happened quite a few times.
    Other than that, there seem to some bugs in practice settings, and the statistics page doesn't update like other views.

    @Mog, I'd have missed that since I registered a new account, in my account I'm rank 3! T-T
  • mog86uk
    @YamasakiSan, ...That's a secret. :P

    It's true there is no way to view other users' profile page or their EXP in the app. Can only see yourself and your own EXP.
  • dea1hn
    I would like to try the app.
  • beeant
    @Medyrius thank you! Yes, sometimes the app still crashes :(
    I'm working on that.
    The app is using dev server, so the load time to the server should be slower compared to load time from production.
  • eien177
    I would like too try the app. When is it possible?
  • kekkou
    apk not all.
  • kekkou
    Just e-mail the all files for both Android 7 and IOS 9.3.5 devices. Sorry I keep forgetting to check Social Feeds.
  • Joker12332
    I'd Like to test
  • beeant
    Thank you very much for your interests!
    I have sent the apk to everyone up until here.
  • Arlieb98
    I would like to test
  • kekkou
    Just a few things that could be added or changed. See my Social Feeds for details. I will tag beeant in it.
  • anam06
    I would to try its app beeant.. can send to my mail
    [email protected]
  • devacto
    > love the simple interface
    > answering quiz take a moment, server issue?
    > exp, bonus multiplier not count
    thats for now my review, try it on android 4.3 maybe will try it more later

    suggestion, i think its important to make notification to our android for attend daily to do practice. it will help people like me who always forgot to study TT
  • beeant
    I have sent the apk to you, @anam06 sorry for late reply..
  • kekkou
    @YamasakiSan it was an issue since Sunday. The login is working normally on my end.
  • YamasakiSan
    Was completely unable to login. I could try scroll to access my Facebook account. App just didn't work. Eh...
  • pekoegal
    All right, I finally got the app to install. I created a separate account to test on. So far, it seems to be working all right. I haven't had any crashes yet.
  • pekoegal
    Ah, spoke too soon. It crashed shortly after I finished the Hiragana chapters and was checking my statistics. It then crashed again when I tried to reopen the app, but my second try worked fine.
    I do like the way the text is separated in the vocab chapter tests so far. It's easy to read.
  • Nostic
    I'd like to test it
  • Puppy7718
    I'd like to test it also.