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Confused with the pronunciation of 'u'


I'm having some trouble pronouncing this sound in Japanese. I've done some research myself and to me, it seems like a lot of people pronounce it in subtly different ways, so I'm not sure what the correct way is of pronouncing it? From what I've gathered, it sounds like the 'ew' sound from 'dude' and 'kewl', trying to make a circle with your lips, is the way to go, but I can't say for certain.

I would be grateful if anyone could clarify.
posted by High

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  • nashimo
    its exactly like in "cool"
    ku in japanese is exactly the same as you ll pronounce "coo" in "cool"
    for the other letters as well ^^ hope it helps
  • High
    Good to know, thanks for the reply.

    Practicing the Japanese R now, I can't just get the sound I want at all. I've heard the 'magic spot' in the tongue is between the positions of the tongue in your mouth when pronouncing 'L(a)' and 'D(a)', but I struggle to pronounce it. I either say an 'L' or something incomprehensible. I'm not sure if practice will eventually pay off here or how long it will take for me to get it right.

    Tried a very soft, hard to hear R and an L & R combined, a little better, but still not there yet.

    If anyone happens to have some tips to share about this, I'd definitely appreciate it.