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Studying Vocabulary

I was curious to see how others typically study their vocabulary. So far I have used physical flashcards, digital flashcards, usage on lang-8, and just doing a lot of the practice sessions on here.
posted by freakymrq

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  • beeant
    I use JapaneseClass.jp ꒰・◡・๑꒱, read some books or articles to get random new words.
  • adkdcmorgan
    I use the anki app on my phone...I also use japaneseclass.jp a lot! The lessons and practice sections are great but the reading section is a super way to learn vocabulary and learn the context that they are used in. I have had so many more aha! moments with the readings section here than any other resource on earth! Context is very important. Plus you will learn about other things while you learn japanese....hint...use jisho.org to look up words that don't seem to fit the sentence...the definitions don't always match...e.g. 米 always comes up as rice but the articles are referring to America.


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