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JLPT 5 Test


how many chapters I need to learn from this website to be prepared to JLPT N5? I want to try this test, so I wonder how many time it takes to learn N5 japanese.

Thank you and sorry for my english. :D
posted by Riwa

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  • adkdcmorgan
    I am thinking that the chapters here are helpful in preparing you for the test but is not the only resource you should use. Grammar is an important piece that you will need to concern yourself with. There are a lot of great sites out there for the N5 such as http://www.jlptstudy.net/N5/ and http://www.manythings.org/japanese/jlpt/ (use the JLPT 4 sections here as this site was made before there was a level 5....basically, the old level 4 is the new level 5) I have not taken any of the tests but plan to someday. I have been eyeing lots of resources for a while. Good luck to you!!
  • doodoofan
    If you want to have a complete list of JLPT N5 vocabulary and grammar, you should go to:
    If you want to take practice tests for JLPT N5, you should go to:


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