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胸 むね, chest

<big style="font-style: italic;"><big>&nbsp;胸 むね, chest</big></big><br>what happen with this word????<br>each time i passed this word in exercise or test, i cant proceed to the next question,,,,,,<br>nande, nande, nande???????????????
posted by aydy

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  • beeant
    how many times did you encounter that question and it didnt load the next question?

    I am sorry for this problem and
    I will try to find the problem.
  • aydy
    so desu....
    i cant remember exactly how many times, maybe 7 or 8 times
    but it was fed up when reached 70 combo then had to start again,,,,~x(~x(~x(
  • beeant
    I'm really sorry about this problem.

    I have tried to answer the question, but there was no problem...

    What language are you using?
    I dont know if theres anyone else encountering this problem.

    I will keep on looking for the problem.

    I am sorry...
  • aydy
    i used english, never tried another language
    thanks for d help