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My name in Japanese?

Hello, guys :) I've been looking to see how my name would be pronounced in Japanese and I have a question. In English I like to go by my nickname, Keiry, which in Japanese would be pronounced Kiri. I just wanted to know if Kiri would be a good name in Japanese or if it would sound stupid or something. Thanks :)
posted by Keirbott

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  • tame
    キリ can mean 霧 (fog), and it can be used as a name in Japanese. There is a character named 小森 霧 (Komori Kiri) from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei with this name.
  • Keirbott
    Okay, thanks for replying :)
  • PetiteInez
    Actually I think your name would become ケイリ in Japanese. Also international names are usually only spelled in katakana and don't really have a meaning.