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newbie question: how to study in lesson section

do i just memorize each vocabulary? are there any guide here which i can read first before starting? thanks!
posted by markkato

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  • beeant
    yes, right now, you basically use JapaneseClass.jp to enrich your Japanese Vocabularies and Kanji.
    But we are moving towards full lessons including grammar in the future.
    do you know hiragana & katakana?
  • markkato
    I see. Yes. Already know hiragana and katakana.
  • markkato
    Do you have any advice on how to study here? Suggestions maybe?
  • Rob501
    I'm a noob too and I'm just searching for grammar somewhere else, using japaneseclass.jp to learn kanji and vocab, as beeant said, and practice my katakana/hiragana reading.