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Are there any people that knows mandarin (chinese) and is studying japanese?

Actually, I born in Brazil, so my english maybe isn`t very good. My parents are chineses, and I know some chinese letters (their reading and meaning)
I want to learn japanese!! but at the first vocabulary test I actually do nothing, I just see the kanjis and then (couse I know their "chinese meanings") I just click at the answer
Well, I wanna know if some one have a tip (or tips ^^) about how to memorize japanese vocabulary! :)

p.s.: I started to "learn japanese" this month, and now I just know hiragana`s letters... :/ it will take me more (at least) 2 weeks to learn katakana... How can some people memorize all those letters in just a few days??
posted by Fernandowu96

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  • TheDand963
    not actually memorize, but familiarize. I used realkana.com for flashcarding. tried learning by 5s, (a i u e o / ra ri ru re ro / etc)
  • sasmith
    頑張ってね! 加油!
  • tildensky
    Good advice on realkana.com, @TheDand963, thanks. ありがとうございます!
  • zfeng
    I'm a Chinese and I'm studying Japanese :3! Though it does give you some edge as some of the kanji does have the same meaning as its Chinese counterpart, but in some of the cases like 勉強 (benkyo) where it means study in Japanese while it meant reluctantly in Chinese (pronounced as mian qiang). I would try to form a connection between the word to make memorising easier. Such as whenever I see the word mian qiang, I would think of how I'm always reluctant or forced to study, which is the meaning for it's japanese counterpart :D!

    I'm not sure if it helps but it works for me :3 So I hope it works for you too \(^_^)/
  • happyjw
    yup yes
  • happyjw
    well sometimes I relate the hiragana to what it looks like in chinese like se sounds sort of and looks like 世 and sa looks like a grim reaper thing somehow, and in chinese kill is also pronounced sa. Anyways if you want to memorize hiragana, memrise.com is good (the intro to jap course) because it has these "mems" that help you memorize the sound and the thing, but it isnt as good as here (japclass.jp) for learning kanji
  • happyjw
    shoot sorry i didnt read yr question properly my answers are sort of off... :P sry for spamming
    but try memrise.com for learning hiragana and katanaka... meh
  • Fernandowu96
    Thanks for your tips, I have already "memorized" the katakana and hiragana letters, its a kind of difficult to me learn more than one or two words in a day, cause I couldn't obligate myself to study japanese everyday... maybe I have to go to a real class/ a non virtual class to learn faster
  • Fernandowu96
    ops, not in a day, I coldn`t memorize a few words (maybe not only two, but 4 or 5 words) in a week!! T_T