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How to learn Japanese?

I've only been looking at hiragana at intervals for the last few weeks. 1)What should I do first?-Do I learn all of hiragana and then katakana, or both of them at the same time?

2) Are the pronunciations (sounds) on the website correct? Because I have JPsensei and other apps that have slightly different sounding pronunciations of words like "a" "i" "u" "e"etc.

Just wondering:) Thank you!
posted by jackthereaperc

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  • lucalo123
    Divide and conquer! Start with hiragana until you know it inside out, then katakana. After that Id suggest learning either basic grammar or read "remember the kanji".

    Youre right about pronounciation, they are a bit weird(sound robotic). But there are alot of other sites for just hiragana pronounce.
  • jackthereaperc
    thank you lucalo123 :) My japanese speaking friend said the same thing!