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Money "Hyaku and Sen"

So, if Hyaku is 100 yen, and Sen is 1,000 yen then wouldn't you combine the two words to make 100,000? Hyaku sen?
posted by DrewRyanGhost

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  • aliceyumi
    there's the 'man' meaning 10,000. then 100,000 would be 10 man

  • empiresx
    You are assuming all languages apply the same rules as English.
  • DrewRyanGhost
    You don't say ichi before man either?
  • DrewRyanGhost
    Oh no, I'm not assuming ALL languages apply the same rules as English. I have taken 3 years of Spanish and know that it doesn't apply
  • Sitzkissen
    一万 = 1x 10.000 || 十万 = 10x 10.000 = 100.000 || 十一万 = 11x 10.000= 110.000
  • SoulReturns
    Spanish has the same rules as English for most things, this is completely different.

    I also detest your romaji, but because you're using it I will follow suit.
    Learn them kana.

    Juu = 10
    Hyaku = 100
    Sen = 1,000
    Man = 10,000

    It would be Juu-Man.
    As a rule of thumb, you have to use the number counter thing that is one lower. (So for 100,000, 10,000 would be the closest).

    Keep in mind Japanese numbers count by fours instead of threes like in English. Ever wonder why we put commas between every three digits? (ex. 1,000,000,000). We count by threes.

    One last thing. If you want to say 1,000, you can't just say "sen." You must say "ichisen." Same applies for everything else.
  • Sakura_Fujiko
    Please don't ever say "ichisen". Though if you read the Kanji separate and put them together you would come to this conclusion the correct pronunciation for 1000 is "issen" (いっせん - 一千) because there are many exceptions for counting things regarding pronunciation. And yes, DrewRyanGhost, you are right, you would say "ichiman" (いちまん - 一万) as SoulReturns indicated.
  • mogmog
    We Japanese say like these.

    ichi / juu / hyaku / sen / man      一/十/百/千 /万
    1 / 10 / 100 / 1,000 / 10,000

        juu man / hyaku man / sen man 万/十万/百万/千万
        100,000 / 1,000,000 / 10,000,000

    ichi oku / juu oku / hyaku oku / sen oku  一億/十億/百億/千億
    100,000,000 / 10,000,000,000 / 100,000,000,000 / 1,000,000,000,000

    icchou / jucchou / hyacchou / sen chou 一兆/十兆/百兆/千兆

  • mogmog
    万/十万/百万/千万 ー>【訂正correction】 十万/百万/千万