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When learning Hiragana & katakana

Is it really possible to memorize all the Hiragana + Katakana?

After I accomplish this what is the next step to take?

How do I start attempting to learn actual words?

I see after the practice section there is the lesson section, but I feel like I'm missing tons and tons of steps to be able to even begin understanding how to do the lesson section.
posted by katemily1991

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  • Kuramachan
    I can get it because I already studied japanese. But I imagine it can be very hard for a completely beginner...
  • MintyHippo
    It is indeed possible to memorize all kana. It just takes some time and dedication, it can also be a lot harder depending on your first language. But you'll get it eventually.

    Next step is more like a leap in my opinion and where almost all of your study will go while learning japanese. Grammar/Kanji/Vocab. People suggest different ways of learning. Sometiems one then the other or maybe all at once, but really it depends on you personally and how you take in information.

    So you're not wrong, the next "step" really is many steps. ^^

    Lessons here are split into two sections; Kanji and Vocab(Note that there is no grammar currently on this site). I personally just do practice and only once I'm sure I can pass the tests in lessons do I attempt them.
  • empiresx
    Hiragana + Katakana is not even hard if you learn it using mnemonics. It should take 4 hours top to memorize all of it. I personally learned both in 2 hours, and was scoring 90-100% on my recollection tests.

    Use Dr.Mokus website. The website teaches you how to read and write Japanese by using mnemonics. Mnemonics is a memory learning method that uses pictures to create memories that is scientifically proven to increase the chances of learning a new language in beginners.

  • SoulReturns
    Mnemonics aren't that great, use associative pseudo-mnemonics. Just associate a character with a sound... over, and over, and over again, and you will retain it forever.

    I have a YouTube series teaching Japanese from essentially square one... though I have had very little time to work on it. In learning the hiragana and katakana it emphasizes this concept that I invented.


    Psuedo-mneomics! Remember! Just say the sound out loud as you read each character. It works.
  • SoulReturns
    I should also note that Heisig stresses a similar idea. If you don't know who he is, Google "Remembering the Kanji" or "Remembering the Kana." Very useful books!
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