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Japanese and Chinese at once?

Does learning Japanese and Chinese at once make it harder to learn Japanese?

I'm just wondering.
posted by Karuda

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  • freakymrq
    It can be confusing since not all of the kanji mean the same thing from japanese to chinese or vice versa.
  • sachikona
    Hi there!
    I'm learning Japanese and Chinese this year. So far, it doesn't make Japanese harder, but that may be because I started with it first and am further into that particular language. Actually I find that Japanese makes learning Chinese easier-when it comes to reading/writing hanzi anyway.
    Hope that answered your wondering. :)
  • Kimbo
    I assume it would make it take longer, and longer is harder I guess. If you're new to second languages, I would advise against it until you know what it involves.
  • meowchelle7
    I've been studying Chinese longer than Japanese, and even though there are many discrepancies between the meaning of the characters in each language, I think that as long as you treat the two, in terms of writing, as separate scripts, you will be fine.
  • Satoru
    As a Chinese, I feel easy to learn Japanese vocabulary (especially kanji :D ). However if you learn two languages at once, you may be confused.
  • Tokashi11
    Im learning both (and korean as well) so it is harder to learn. I just focus on speaking Chinese until my full Japanese is complete, then i focus on the Kanji differences between the two languages. Good Luck! :O
  • mushroom
    The grammatical structure of Chinese and Japanese is so different. So hard. http://www.coolmuster.jp/
  • Takezuki
    I'm confuse sometimes while seing a Chinese characters and instantly thinking about the meaning in Japanese~ Even if the grammar is different, I'm never confuse about it as I "switch my mind" in Japanese/Chinese, and then the sentences structure seems clear :).
  • Kant_Lernjap
    Knowing one will make learning the other easier since they both use similar alphabets. However, studying both at the same time will essentially split the amount of time you can spend on one in half. If you're already spending hardly any time studying Japanese, trying to learn both simultaneously is a mistake.
  • Aisu_Hono
    I'm learning Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Maybe I don't get mixed up because of the accents of something because I never confuse the three in reading or speaking.