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Experiences with Japaneseclass.jp

Hey everybody!

I'm new here and wanted to ask, what experience you have with learning on this website. Does it have positive effects on your Japanese? Does it help with learning vocabulary and kanji? Especially if you are a little bit better than beginner (like the level 4-6 guys here).
posted by Tenji

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  • Kimbo
    Plenty of vocab and kanji that, that unless you're extremely high level, you may have not encountered. You can also test yourself on the Readings section (which is very difficult).

    I knew most of level 1-4 when I started, but level 5-6 has some pretty difficult words in, so difficult that I often think "why the hell do I need to know this?!" xD

    The site is good for keeping vocab fresh and active, with no chance of letting it slip back into the unknown for too long, so yeah I'd say it's useful :D
  • freakymrq
    This site is a great supplement. I started using this site when I first started japanese so it helped give me a good base amount of vocab to start out with. I've thus just been using it everyday to help keep words in the brain and to help push new ones in :)
  • MintyHippo
    This site has most definitely been positive for me. I've used things like Anki and other similar tools prior to this site, but I could never really get into a rhythm of daily practice.

    It helps with the vocab and kanji but there is still a lot more to do than is currently on the site so you'll still need other tools.
  • Tenji
    Thanks for your answers. While I like to compete and this site has a pretty view for this, it is reassuring, that I will also learn new vocabulary. ;)