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New content and improvements.

It seems apparent by recent threads that some more newbie-friendly content might be required, this is probably further back up by the amount of new users per day compared to new regular users.

The easiest way to do this is probably links to external sources, but you would probably need permission for this?

Another option is a self-wrote general guide to the basics, mnemonics for hiragana and so on.

A sticky thread made by Beeant with a link to websites and resources with a quick explanation may also work.

It's certainly a fact that the majority of newbies will quit, so it may be important to have a friendly way to get started. Perhaps I am speaking out of my place with such suggestions, as Beeant seems very busy. What do you think?
posted by Kimbo

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  • empiresx
    This website needs a basic grammar section and a mnemonic section for hiragana/katakana. It would stop 90% of questions asked on the social feed.
  • Kooko_smile
    I think it's a good idea to have a sort of introduction to the site and language. A webpage or sticky thread with links to useful sites is a begin. But maybe it's also a good idea to create a grammar section that fits the words you learn in the lessons?
  • KeybladeHero
    I've found many kanji whose furigana was incorrect.
  • Kimbo
    Post any mistakes you see please. I don't thing anyone wants to learn mistakes right off the bat!
  • Kooko_smile
    I often see differences between the furigana and the sound. I will post these here if I see them again. I don't really know if these differences are mistakes, I do know they're confusing.
  • Kooko_smile
    Found one:
    点ける - つける turn on
    the sound: テンける
  • YakumoFuji
    A guide would be appreciated. For instance, I hear sounds in Practice, but not in Dictionary, but I don't know why it is different.