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what to choose

i am a beginner and i can't decide to learn b/w hiragana and katakana
what to do.
posted by dimarijee

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  • fanks_177
    try katakana first. i think it's easier
  • forholywar
    Nah hiragana first if it was me.
  • VanillaQiwi
    I think statistically, most people start with hiragana. But in the end it doesn't really matter with which one you start, because you need them both. Choose whichever one feels easier/more comfortable and once you've got one down, get to the other one.
    Make sure to practise katakana regularly, because you won't encounter it as much as hiragana. Otherwise you might forget some of the characters, which would be a shame (especially ンツシ and ノ are easy to mix up, in my opinion haha)
    Good luck!
  • Pepperisk
    Katakana is a pain. It's also not really useful for beginners since it's use is quite limited to borrowed words like スーパー(supermarket) and such. If you're a complete beginner learning hiragana would be the best starting point. Then from there, memorising basic vocabulary from the website and reading up on grammar rules and such. Hope this helps.
  • ICEx
    I started with hiragana and katakana was easier because of that , there are some really similiar characters , I recommend hiragana
  • kamineko
    Definitely hiragana!
  • lukevicw
    I learnt them both simultaneously. There's an app called Real Kana on iOS, which is really good for drilling it. If you want a good app for mnemonics, then there's an app series called "Dr. Moku's Hiragana" and "Dr Moku's Katakana", which is really good, especially when used in conjunction with the first app.