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Creating a Language Learning Program for myself- Any tips?


What I'm here for is to, well, use this site as part of a larger Language Learning program I set up for myself. Not only am I interested in learning the Japanese, I'm interested in exploring the language learning process as a whole.

What text do other users of this site use? Any software? Apps? What are the personal philosophies here, from jumping right and making mistakes or taking time to study?

The ultimate goal for me is to create a series of videos where I examine the language learning process and evaluate different modes and means through my subjective experience.
posted by Newski

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  • DS25
    I personally use also Anki - a flashcard program - and a windows phone app called "Tango Master" (which is the best i can get on Windows Phone, afaik).

    I chose this learning program (which takes me 35-50 mins a day) because my grammar is already on par with my expectations for 3rd kyuu, so I need to learn new words and kanji.