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Reading material for beginners - NHK Easy Japanese News「易しいニュース」

Aside from the very subtle funposting I irregulary do in this site, I think is time for me to be useful for a titty bit and stop doing poor quality contributions before Beeeant decides to ban me for good.

Anyways... I feel like the reading section is too complicated to comprehend for beginners and intermediate learners. NHK news has a "easy" section dedicated to kids and forginers that are in process of learning the language basics:


This sites uses furigana, easy syntaxis, video and audio to help the reader obtain complete comprehension of the article. Also it has a integrated dictionary and other interactive features like asking users for feedback about the content it publishes.

Read atleast 1 article per day and git gud at reading in couple of months... The reader can try to switch to more complex content like for example the official NHK news site.
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