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study group, partner in crime ;)

hi there, i just started to use genki second edition , but i would love to have a partner you know, like have somebody to discuss the lesson, practice vocabulary , if there's somebody that is interested but doesnt have the genki book i can share the audio (since there's a lot of sources where you can download the pdf) or the pdf , anyways , we can start a study group, if you guys want to give it a try here's my skype (: jennifermaryca

see ya soon
posted by jeymecee

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  • btkbaby
    I would love to! my skype is ivey.merrill, but I don't use it a lot. I do have Facebook, however, and also LINE etc.
  • Benilla
    I just received that book from a friend a few days ago, and I would love a study partner. Working in a group might be more effective for me.
  • ninjaO_O
    Thats actually good idea. i get bored going into (jp) battle alone... and im sure others do to... lol
  • KenjiSama
    I'm on safari......
  • chaihakyeon
    @jeymecee, im a little way through genki 2 and I have the book myself. Feel free to add me on skype, my id is codelyokobabe ~~~ We can talk there ^^
  • jeymecee
    Thank you guys I'm so happy to see that there's people interested I'll add them tomorrow since I'm not using my computer right now if you guys don't have Skype we can use line kakaotalk etc just let me know about the Id and I'll add you so we can schedule the time to start learning together
  • thebigofan
    I have the Genki textbook as well. I'll love to join your study group.
  • ninjaO_O
    srry i forgot the skype id.. add darkshadowsx5 my profile pic is invader zim...
    ill try to be on skype more often.
  • jeymecee
    @thebigofan sure whats your skype id?
  • jeymecee
    @ninjaO_O added (: