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Otaku count..

How many otakus are here? I just wanted to know. My friends often call me "otahunter" because I love looking for otakus like me. Thanks ^^
posted by kyoshinoFT

Comments 9

  • Zelli_nelly
    Me!! Since I love anything anime related
  • kyoshinoFT
    Hahaha same here! Nice to meet you ^^
  • Kitty_boom24
    yay! i'm not alone in the world \(^o^)/
  • rippleshadow
    I like anime, but I don't consider myself an otaku. I don't own any manga, anime, or anime merchandise.I just watch some anime occasionally on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu. I mostly watch it because I really love listening to Japanese.
  • kraemder
    I'm probably otaku. I watch anime every evening to relax. I've read some manga but I'm totally into the language learning thing and I don't have much for Japanese manga. I don't do the plastic model collecting thing however.
  • kyoshinoFT
    Im a type of Otaku.. who loves anime, mangas, LOL, DOTA, japanese foods and japanese language! I also do not have any accounts used to socialize to other people except from chatango, so i really call myself an otaku.. ahaha
  • TOPNerd
    I guess i am an otaku. I collect manga and started learning japanese because of anime! I also want to visit Japan someday.
  • Zelli_nelly
    Topnerd! Me too!!
  • kseniakagan
    count me in!