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of my kanji tests saying that i'm wrong WHEN I'M NOT :&lt;<br><br>日曜日<br>i put it ’にちようび’and it said i got it wrong :,&lt;<br>and it did the same thing with my chapter 1 test :|<br>anyways i have a feeling this was posted a thousand times, but i'm not pointing it out, heheh, i'm just simply saying how TIRED I AM OF IT :p<br>^,m,^<br>anyways, good day to all~ :b
posted by maromowz

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  • beeant

    I'm sorry for this problem.
    I just tried to do that question on Kanji Chapter 5 Test. and I didnt have that problem.

    Can you tell me a specific location of your problem? which chapter test? or random practice?

    Are you using latest version of FireFox?

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • spanz
    Tested in kanji practice without login (only level 1). No problem for me. (FireFox 3.5.3)
  • spanz
    I have a lot of free time today! =D
    Tested also flawlessly writing in the hiragana autoconvert text box. The former test was with the mouse.
    Sorry, it seems a problem on your side. =(
  • spanz
    Hi, maromowz.
    I see you still have problems, even with FireFox. The only thing I can think of is that you have installed something that affects the behavior of your browser.
    Maybe you have a web filtering firewall, or a FireFox plugin that blocks something.
    Or perhaps you have a corrupted or misconfigured FireFox. Try with Opera or Chrome to see if the problem is still present. If other browsers work, you must repair your FireFox deleting all the previous files and doing a fresh install.

    Anyway, none of these possibilities can explain why a question fails if others are working. You have a very strange problem.
    Good luck!