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omg does anyone but me miss almost all the kanji in level 1 of kanji test 5 ?<br>
posted by Kiirotori365

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  • spanz
    The kanji test chapter 5 (level 1) works fine for me.

    Maromowz-san is also suffering problems with at least one of the kanji in this chapter, but in random practice. Don't know if it's related somehow.
    Talk with her to see if you can find out together what's happening.

    BTW, the chapter 5 contains 10 kanji. The test for the chapter 5 have 16 questions. What do you mean with "miss almost all the kanji"?
    Are you seeing less questions? blank questions?
    I can see the whole 16 different questions in the test.

    A possible explanation for this and other strange problems is that beeant sensei is rewriting the whole site. I'm afraid we must wait until the work is done. Meanwhile, you can try the test again. If you're lucky (like me), the problem may be gone.