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Is this place dead?

I was hoping, while I was learning some japanese, that there would be active members here. It seems void of that judging by comments and posts...
posted by Erthys

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  • beeant
    Hello Erthys...

    Currently, JCJP only has few members, and fewer active members.
    JCJP is a new growing site, its only 1 year old.

    Now I am re-writing the whole codes for this site, I hope that I can make it better and all of JCJP users would like it. More new features will be released.

    Because I am busy rewriting the codes, I don't really have time to bring more people or promote this site. I will do it after I have finished with the codes (approx by the end of November).

    Please be patient, and I am sorry for the slow progress, I hope that you can enjoy what is there in JCJP for now.

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • TofuQueen
    Erthys, what kind of "active community" are you looking for?

    I'm around pretty much every day, but not so active on the bulletin board or in the chat room, mostly due to limited time...
  • Darknaviexe
    Could I try to help?...
  • ShadowZero
    I just joined the website a couple of days ago, but I'm thrilled with the amount of practice I'm getting just spending couple of minutes glancing through stuff >w<
    Definitely gonna be here often lol....
  • randykiyoshi
    I think this site is still in its growing stages. It's relatively new and very nice, so I'm sure it'll become more popular in the future. :D
  • jicachan
    Actually, I think that people are quite active here, maybe not with chatting... ^^;
  • TofuQueen
    One thought...the way the site is currently set up, I am either working on Japanese OR in the chat room OR on the bulletin board. Since my time is limited & learning Japanese is my priority, I don't spend much time on chat & bulletin board.

    I don't know if there's a good way to organize it so that users could be in the chat room and doing Japanese practice on the same page; I for one would be more likely to "hang out" in the chat room if it was on the same page as the Practice so I could see what others were saying & join in while practicing without having to constantly switch back & forth between the tabs. (Not to make it sound like switching between tabs is a big deal, of course it's not. But having them on the same page would make it *easier* to chat.)
  • beeant
    One good suggestion,
    Actually I thought of this before, but in the current layout, the practice page seems to be too crowded.
    The next release will have a clean and simple layout, maybe it is too simple as far as I have done it. I hope you guys will like it.

    On the next release this end of November, hopefully I can include a lot of new features such as the one you just suggested.
    However, just getting the whole current features of the current JCJP to work in the new one, is a lot of work for me. So I am focusing on releasing the new JCJP only with the current features, of course there will be some changes/improvements though it is the existing feature.

    New features will be released after the end of November release.

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • camo12345
    I just joined today and I think this is a great little site to practice Japanese. It does only have few members from all over the world, so i think the time difference is the main reason why theres so few on chat or on the bulletin board.

    I've already recommended this site to many friends already and they think it is really good too. Good luck with the improvements of the site. Ganbatte!
  • beeant
    Welcome to JCJP camo12345 and thank you for recommending this site to your friends, I really appreciate it.

    I will do as much as I can to improve this site =D

    Also, if you have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to tell me.

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • levanchedia
    I'm new here.
    Great site. I'm gonna visit this site everyday.

    thanks ☆
  • beeant
    Hello levanchedia,
    Welcome to JCJP!
    Thanks for your comment.
    I would appreciate it so much if you visit JCJP everyday.
  • jessy9
    what if there were mini paragraphs or sentences in the practice page?
    its good to practice just words,
    and it would be even better if they were applied in real situations.
    that way it helps with memorizing, and how to use it also.