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Ads and Spam

I'm having an issue with taking the tests because whenever i get to a question i am suddenly switched to some ad/spam site, and this interferes with taking the tests because i can't even finish them.  Do you guys need to fix it or is there something i can do on my side that would stop the ads/spam?
posted by trident3210

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  • beeant

    I am sorry for this problem.
    Since I am still a college student, I am currently trying to make money from this site to cover the cost I pay for the server, etc.
    However, user is the most important for me. I will remove the disturbing ads.

    Thank you so much for reporting this problem to me. Please tell me again if it still occur.

    Thank You,
  • TofuQueen
    Ah...I thought I had some kind of spyware on my comp as I've been having the same issue this afternoon (redirecting to a completely different site). I can deal with pop-up ads (though I don't like them) but being sent to another site makes it impossible to use *this* site. :^/
  • trident3210
    Thanks, looks like it works now. This is a pretty good site, so it would be a shame to see it gone, so cut ends where you need to as long as it is user friendly.
    Thanks again, time to study more =p
  • TofuQueen
    Yep, working fine for me too, since shortly after the message I posted above. (^_^)