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Add more vocabulary on each chapter ?

Hello,<br><br>I would love to know if you have plan to add more vocabulary for the next few days?<br>If i noticed right, each chapter have a sample thema (like color..) <br>I think i can help you to have more vocabulary(if you are busy) and i can also help to reorganize each chapter with related vocabulary.<br><br>Another idea.<br>Why not clear your database with complete JLPT Kanji, and also with JLPT Vocabulary ?<br>I have a nearly complete new JLPT 2010 kanji, and vocabulary list, so it can help.<br><br>Then, JCJP will be really great for JLTP preparation and learn more japanese.<br><br>
posted by Beltzar

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  • beeant
    Hello Beltzar,

    I am really sorry for my late reply.
    Actually I just found your thread now... Sorry...

    Ya, I think it would be a great idea to put JLPT materials in JCJP.
    However, I am not sure if I should replace the current database.
    There is a problem like, some users already reached level 5, etc.

    I am working on a feature where you can create your own lessons right now. So I think that you will be able to make your own lessons and quizes based on the JLPT 2010 kanji.

    I will do it ASAP. However, as I am working alone on coding, it will take some time.

    I would appreciate it so much if you give me any suggestions about this coming feature.

    Thank You,
  • spanz
    @Beltzar: I'd like to see your JLPT material here, ready for practice. I don't know if I can do something useful to make that possible, but I'll try to help.

    @Beeant: What's wrong with being a level 5 user?
    If you are thinking about replacing the current database, I have no problem with a downgrade. How do you plan to merge the future "own lessons" with the rest of the contents?
  • TofuQueen
    If it's a matter of replacing the current database I also have no problem with losing my "level 5" status & starting over at zero. (^_^)