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Just a beginner !!

Hi there Greg from Belfast, Ireland. I've just completed level 1 and learned all the vocabulary thoroughly. Now that I'm on level two the settings seem to have changed. It basically doesn't show you the Japanese word in English letters anymore. It only shows me Kanji and the English word beside, which I am finding way to difficult. Is there anyway I can solve this ??? Any help would be very much appreciated :)
posted by Gregojapan

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  • beeant
    After level one all the Japanese words written in alphabets (romaji) will be removed! You are expected to be familiar with Hiragana and Katakana by level 2, which you actually need to learn as the first step of learning Japanese language.
    Please checkout the Lessons page and start learning Hiragana & Katakana! :)
  • Gregojapan
    Ok my friend I'll start studying those lessons then before I move further. I really appreciate your response. Thank you bud :)
  • mackhammer
    I have also just started a website based on Drones. I have left my job and now completely dependent on this site. have I taken the right decision of quitting my job?
  • Gregojapan
    Caution to the wind Mackhammer!!!