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Should I use the Khatzumoto Method Ajatt.

His interviews
https://youtu.be/J34i9lr94pI Interview #1
https://youtu.be/n9wUEiSHtqU Interview #2
https://youtu.be/6CikSHzrAZI Interview #3

Do you this is a good way or it doesn't work?
posted by Ghosts

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  • jc89
    I have tried and I am still trying to study using the AJATT method (immersion, sentence study, spaced repetition). I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but I can't say my proficiency has really improved so far.

    The AJATT site is where I first learned about studying kanji with the Heisig method, which has been absolutely amazing for my reading and writing ability (and has marginally improved my speaking and listening). If I never heard of Heisig, and relied on sentence study and immersion, my proficiency now would probably be the same as 5 years ago.
  • kseniakagan
    try wanikani - I didn't get it at first, but now I know it's the real deal to stick to your kanji for years