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This website seems amazing but...

but I can't seem to find any beginner lessons. I mean, there is no explanations before lessons, etc.

Could someone point me to a good guide?

Thanks :)
posted by tbergeron

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  • beeant

    Welcome to JapaneseClass.jp!
    Ya, I think I should make a list of 'What to do list' for new users, or at least a guide for level 1 users.
    I will put this on my to do list. Thank you for your suggestion.

    Anyway, for now, you can start from learning Hiragana & Katakana:
    you find it on the lesson page:
    (or you can directly find a big button link in the front page "New to Japanese")

    After you are comfortable with Hiragana & Katakana (don't have to be perfect), you can start study the list of Vocabulary or Kanji of level 1 starting from Chapter 1.
    After you study the list, you can try to do the Chapter Test for the chapter.

    Try to finish all the Chapter Tests of your level.
    After you finished all the Chapter Tests (Vocabulary & Kanji) you can go to the Practice section (the link is on the top menu)

    In the Practice Section, you will get Random Questions from the Chapters of your level. This is for you to review the vocabularies and kanji that you have learned on each chapter of your level.

    Just keep on doing the Questions From the Random Practice Page until you go to the next level.

    After you level up, do the same thing like you did for the previous level (study chapters and do chapter tests for the next level)

    You can find some tips&hints; on using this site to learn Japanese here:

    Enjoy Learning Japanese,
    You can ask me any question anytime.

    Thank You,
  • tbergeron
    Thanks for your reply!!! I'll go directly learn Hiragana & Katakana right now!

    Thanks again, very appreciated!
  • tbergeron
    Hey, one last question!

    I thought Kanji was vocabulary? What's the differences between those?

    Thanks a lot :)
  • spanz
    Vocabulary includes Kanji (of course!), but it focuses in the meanings. When you take vocabulary tests or do some vocabulary practice, all the questions are about meanings.
    The Kanji section focuses only in the readings, so the questions are only about readings, and not meanings.
    Welcome, and have fun!