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Video games for benkyo!

Hello all! My two current obsessions are learning Japanese and gaming, so I was hoping anyone here could recommend some titles that would accommodate both of those interests. :)

Ideally, I am hoping to find a Japanese game or two aimed at a younger audience that would serve as an entertaining way to introduce some new vocabulary and grammar.
PSN just released a handful of Playstation imports, but they are either fairly text-heavy RPGs or text-absent arcade games.

One I found that looks promising is "Little Charo Travels in English / えいごで旅する:リトル・チャロ" but it's kind of hard to find here in the States... But it looks like the sort of game I'm looking for.

Anyhow, I'd welcome any recommendations or similar resources you might have! :)
posted by Zachery

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  • LividPantsu
    I played through some of the pokemon games in Japanese. Thouse are mostly aimed at children, and they also have a kana option if you don't want to look up kanji. Although, I don't think you have a 3DS, do you?
  • Zachery
    I do! I have a (New) 3DSXL, and a PS Vita. I played through several Pokemon games in English, but I hadn't considered them in Japanese. Do they all have language options?
  • LividPantsu
    I know for sure that X and Y do. I think that Omega Ruby and A.S. do as well.