How to turn off romaji in tests?

Is there a way to turn off romaji in test answers? I found a similar option but just in the practices and that also removes kana. I feel like it would be a great opportunity to practice kana and kanji reading this way but the romaji is right next to it and I instinctively read that.
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  • random88
    Great, thanks!
  • Gakusei72
    Good question. I know I looked for it also. Honestly speaking, I don't think I ever found it. I think it may have just turned off for me at level 2 or 3. I can't remember...
  • Kks74
    When you get to level 2 romaji is turned off automatically. Actually after that I'm not sure if you can turn it on again.
  • theresam
    what's the difference of 全部で and 全部 , and do you use them in sentences? I tried checking some online dictionary but i don't seem to understand their difference in usage.
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  • Hoamuoigio
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