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Can you translate this into a Japanese, please.

Hi. Can someone translate this English sentences into a Japanese one. A polite one, if possible.
It's supposed to be a japanese essay but I still doesn't know much about Japanese, so please, help me out. Please? Please! Please!!!

"My Life

When I was a little girl. In order to support me, my parents left me to my grandparents and then they started working here in Japan. Every summer vacation in my home country(in the Philippines), they return to take me here(in Japan) but still they don't have much time for me because of their works. That's why up until now, I still hesitate to share my thoughts to them. All my entire past years, I've been with my grandparents but I'm not alone. Because my Aunt Liza also left my little cousins to us(to my grandparents) Same Reason. At first, I was so upset, because their attentions were split to the four of us. But the more we spend time playing together and also arguing, we've created a strong bond.

In my studies. When I was a kindergarten, I used to study in a small private school near my grandparents' house. It was small but it's lively. Everyone is so cheerful but I was so shy to even make friends with them. But then, days come and I began to open up and be cheerful just like them. I was able to make friends. I also became one of the honors in kindergarten. Also in Preparatory, I was an honor student. Then when I was in grade 1, they said that the school will be rebuild and make it bigger. So we were transferred in the other same school in the city. It was far from home. It was a lot bigger than our school from home. Me and my friends met new people and made some new friends. The lessons was a lot harder than before but I was able to understand it. I study there until Grade 3. Then my parents decided that I should be transfer to an another school to where's my mother's friend and classmate on college is teaching. I was back to being shy again. I have no friends there. Also there are some girls that irritates me. They always say mean things to me and they even tend to trick me. I always say to my grandmother that I want to go back to my previous school but they never let me. But despite of all the bullying and such, I was able to focus still on my studies and be included on the top students. Days come and the girls who's bullying me always have stopped. It was the end of the school year when my friend from my previous school said she will be transferring here(in my school) next school year. I was so happy because I will finally be able to have someone to talk to. It was our summer vacation when my parents said they won't be taking me in Japan for now, because of the earthquake and tsunami. So they decided that they will have a month of vacation in the Philippines, with us. We get to go to a (pool)resort and even in amusement parks. It was so much fun! Then it was the start of school, I feel a little shy but confident. I head towards to the gymnasium to meet my (same)classmates and to attend the opening ceremony. There I saw my friend with them. I hugged her real tight and that is the time I became so relaxed because finally I won't be alone all the time anymore. I also gained new friends, one is a girl who's a half Canadian and the other one is a girl who's really cute and caring. There a new students to our class, most of them are girls. The new students became my closest friends. Days went by and almost everyone in the class became my closet friends. I was so happy. In Grade 6, my bestfriend's grandmother died. Out of frustration she began to be a 'playgirl'. She began having relationships without the acknowledged of her parents. I advice her not to do that but still she won't listen. Until one day she was hurt because of the break up they had with her boyfriend. I told her everything's gonna be fine, that she needs to move on and thankfully she listens. Then It was graduation day, some of us are sad because some of our classmates will be transferring school. In summer vacation I told my parents I wanted to try studying here but then they said no. I became sad and irritated because back then they wanted me here to study but then now they wanted me to continue my studies in the Philippines. So then in middle school, I attended the same school. This time my other friend said she will be transferring in my school on the second semester. I was so happy and so excited to meet her again. So in the middle September we finally got to meet her. But she was not the same like the last time. She was more likely to be a 'bitch' now. But then, we tried to fix her up and she's back to her good self again. Days come and we get to face different trials and different level of lessons but thankfully we were able to get it over. On the second year of my middle school, everyone in the class is so noisy and irritating. The boys will get even noisier when you tell them to be quiet. So in the second semester of my second year, I force my parents to let me study here for at least a year or so. Then they actually agreed, for all this years. But then I gained so much trustworthy and kind friends on my second year and I don't actually want to leave them but I already have promised dad that I will study here. So the regret and sadness was left with me on that year. One of my bestfriend also decided to transfer in the capital city because she doesn't want to be left alone in the province. It's because her big brother wants to experience studying in a city as as a college student. On December, we lost my grandfather and my great grandmother(my mother's grandmother) We were in so much pain. My aunts, uncles and also my parents came back. My mother, who I didn't even seen crying until on that day, she burst into tears when she saw her dad(my grandfather) lying on the coffin. I also wasn't able to attend our Christmas Party in school. But then my grandmother became sick because of the tragedy that have happen on that month. She lost two of her treasured family, a husband and a mother. I began thinking some negative thoughts. What if she won't make just like they did? What if that is the last day she will be with us? There are so many questions yet the answers are few. I began crying every night while thinking of those horrible thoughts. But thank God! She was able to recover and be healthy. So in the new year, we have celebrated it like we used to, because we know that this is not the end, in fact it only has begun. On the second week of January my parents and my cousin's parents said their goodbyes for that they will continue their work here in Japan again. Back in school, my friends asked me if I'm okay and I said yes, then my normal life begun again. January, February and March are the months that is really hard, because of the lessons, requirements and roleplays we need to accomplish before the end of the school year. Thankfully we were able to finish all of those because everyone did their best to cooperate. And on the last day of school, my friends decided to have a party for the two of us, who were transferring this year. Before the party we attended the school recognition for our medals and certificates.when the party begun, it was great and also sad because I won't be able to see them again. There are a lot of foods, games and movies to watch. And I didn't expected that they will give the two of us a presents and letters. I was in tears that day that I hug them real tight. And that was the last day I was able to see them and be with them. My father is the one who came back to take me. On the day when we will be going here, I gave a letter to my grandmother and then I hugged her real tight. When I came here in Japan, my first thought is "Do you think Everyone is nice?" I have thousands of thoughts about Japanese schools and then I began having anxiety about what if they don't like me? What if they are mean like the girls back then when I was in elementary? Negative thought came popping out.
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  • Acidron
    Seriously? Seriously?? You'd need this essay in Japanese but you can't do it yourself? Would you be willing to pay for translation services because I think someone would definitely do it for you then ;). Just curious, what kind of course (well Japanese obviously, but what level) are you taking if you're supposed to write an essay like this?
  • DiegoSuarez
    This wall of text.
  • Edwin
    Haha, wtf :D ganbatte Kizumi san.
  • Kaome_Neri
    My japanese is pretty advanced so I Wouldn't mind doing it, but if you are supposed to write the japanese essay yourself you shouldn't be asking others to write it for you. But hey, if this have nothing to do with a do-it-yourself thing I can help you, plus it would help me to improve my japanese skills.