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Would you like to spend/work the upcoming winter season in Japan?

Hi everyone,

I hope it is ok to post this here. My employer, a new hotel is looking for some more staff for the winter season in a ski resort. So I try to help out a little bit.

Most importantly you have to be eligible to get a working holiday visa and at least basic Japanese would be cool.

As it is a seasonal job working hours are most likely 170 to 200 hours a month with 6 days off a month. They have really affordable staff accommodation and the resort has night riding, so if you are really committed to go skiing/riding you will manage almost every day a couple of hours… and there are onsen everywhere to recharge as well! It is a Japanese company and a lot of staff are Japanese, so if you want to practice your Japanese it is perfect, too! Start would be end of November this year.

If you are happy with the working hours, can get a working holiday visa and got enough funds to pay for you flights and survive the first month (payday is after you worked of course), add me as friend and maybe we can work something out! ;)

posted by raphaelRoi