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Turn OFF "Latest Vocabulary Encounter"

I like this site a lot! Cool design and big help in Japanese learning. But this small window - "Latest Vocabulary Encounter" (in the Practice section) is really annoying! Is there any way to TURN IT OFF?
posted by subGlitch

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  • arbalasquide
    With the current website settings, no. But, you can manually do it by hovering over it, clicking inspect element and deleting the element containing the latest vocabulary encounter
    Here's a pic of what I'm talking about. I hope it helps you! :)
  • subGlitch
    Wow! It's working! Thank you very much! ^__^
  • FelliVox
    That would require you to do it every time you reload a page and that's even more annoying.

    You can use Adblock Plus to block page elements. Just enable it on this site, select "Block element" and be sure to select the entire box. Since this site has no ads anyway, you don't have to worry about cutting the creator's source of revenue.
  • subGlitch
    FelliVox, arigatou!!! I didn't even expect that AdBlock has that feature. COOL! :-D