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Online learning and such

Today the "Japanese starter" course opens its free content for the learners!

I don't really know much about it, but it looks like it's a nice way to start. The course is great for absolute beginners. It aims to teach students the A1 level of Japanese in English(I know some grammar, so I think this course will be a bit boring).
btw, A1-A2 are N5 in JLPT.

The biggest challenge on Fisdom platform is... the registration?) You also need to activate Fisdom account within an hour(they send you link in the email).

If you're still interested in online learning and culture, you can try MOOC course "Japanese Culture Through Rare Books" from Keio University. It starts on 9th of January, 2017.
This course aims to broaden your Cultural studies a bit. It is an introductory 3 week course. It's about... Books.
The great thing about this course: All lessons have Japanese texts and Japanese subtitles presented as pdfs. I got lots of vocabulary from this course, such as 本(book)、紙(paper)、折り目(a fold), 表紙(front cover)、目次(table of contents) etc. IN CASE I NEED IT SOME TIME
I did it in July and it was awesome. The materials are high quality and the information is rich. Thanks, Keio!
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