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Required XP?

I just graduated from college(major was japanese) and wondered if i can find any challenge on this site....
i´m still stuck on level 1 and its pretty boring to do the practice thing over and over again... especially when its just plain clicking without learning something new

A great improvement would be a entry-level-test to attract more experienced students.... ?!?!
posted by cotzmalhuapa

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  • Gituska
    Congrats on your over-qualification in japanese. (I haven´t managed to buy any textbooks yet, hahaha, what a terrible delay!)
    At your level, you are able to challenge local top exps users (and beat them easily, maybe). You can help with development of JCJP too, which should more interesting than hunting exps at boring tasks.

    Your question belongs to Admin and to other advanced users as well.
    I wanted to say hello~~ just because I had wondered which JCJP´s level would be ranked graduation from college, japanese as major.
  • beeant
    Hello cotzmalhuapa,

    I am really, really sorry for my late reply, I have been really busy these days.

    Firstly, thank you for using JCJP.
    Ya, I got a lot of request about level placement test, however, it is difficult to make those kind of test create that kind of test, don't you think so?
    So, to solve this problem, in JCJP, if you are good in Japanese, you can go to the next level faster than other beginner users. You can do this by earning high combo points in the Random Practice Question Page.

    Treat JCJP as a game, where everybody begins from the same level of starting point.

    If you want, it would be great to help the community of this site. You can put your contribution to help the site grows and also help other users in learning Japanese.
    You can do so by:
    - uploading photos, tagging photos with vocabularies
    - Posting Videos, adding vocabularies to those videos (you can review and practice your Japanese from the videos you posted and helping other learners at the same time)
    - right now I am trying to find the time to create a feature where you can create your own lesson (vocabulary/kanji list) with a test

    I am sorry, but for now you will only gain little benefits from doing those kind of stuffs. But I would give some rewards to contributors. Maybe you or anybody can give me some ideas on what should I give to those contributors.

    I am really grateful to have contributors on this site, and I want to give something to them, but honestly, I dont know what should I give =(

    Well right now, I found a new vision of JCJP, which is to create a Japanese Learner Community to learn, share, discuss, and keep learning Japanese. I believe that learning Japanese is endless, especially learning Japanese culture.

    With this vision, I believe that JCJP needs users from advanced level of Japanese learners - beginners to contribute in the community.

    Thank You,

  • Gituska
    Now, it sounds a little like very sophisticated version of "we are happy that you are willing to become our beloved slave..."
    (Beeant, I´m sorry for another annoying comment, your wording is perfect as usual. "Treat JCJP as a game, where everybody begins from the same level of starting point." I would swear you are practicing FAQ´s speech before the mirror every morning!)

    As for currently running projects inside the community, there is for example my video Bokko-chan. I love this story, but I have read a book by Hoshi only in my native language. Spanz is supposed (to pretend) to want rewrite the dialogs and to turn it into tags. Hey, it is damn difficult, far behind my level of knowledge.

    Actually, no other website let you to share its development like JCJP.
    As for rewards to contributors: I´m happy when another user comments my contribution, when it turns in working feature. I´m very happy whenever Beeant say "thank you, it was an interesting idea" - or even: "I´ll implement it", whenever somebody else join discussion and share their opinion. Personally, I don´t care about rewards for my contribution. Its kind of my way how show my support to this project.
    List of contributors, hall of fame :D would totaly strange feature in the self-learning community...
    List of money donations is reasonable, just because we will see the transparent "amount of money arrived, it will be used for paying this or that thing," (no misappropriation here, like Mr. Server ate Otori Sushi at the same day... )

    "I found a new vision of JCJP, ..."
    Great wording. And perfect one to doing jokes. It reminds me Martin Luther King: I have a dream, that one day Facebook will have to move out, because JCJP is coming. Beginners and advaced users are equal...

  • MariaSegura
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