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More variety in Tests?

I have just joined this site a few days ago and would like to say that I love this site and the concept of learning Japanese through an online game. I have just completed my first year of Japanese at university and want an effective way to keep motivated throughout this summer break.

I have noticed that so far all of the chapter tests are only multiple choice. Would it be complicated to implement user input instead of only multiple choice responses for the vocabulary? This way the user would really have to know their Japanese well ^_^. Maybe later on this could be used for simple grammar tests as well.

Keep up the good work.

Dave G.
posted by d4veg

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  • d4veg
    I've also noticed that the tests are in the exact same vocabulary order as the lesson plan. I think it would be more challenging if the questions were randomized?
  • spanz
    Good points. Some time ago, I suggested something similar (a kind of advanced and optional setting that forces the user to write the answer without seeing the options). Of course, that should be rewarded with more EXP.
    And I also want to see grammar tests.
    Don't worry, the Boss can be slow sometimes but is a hard worker and I'm sure he takes our suggestions seriously. Sooner or later he'll improve the tests for sure.
    About the random order, I guess that should be very easy to do. Very good idea!
  • Gituska
    Interesting point of view!
    I tend to build my vocabulary /kanji list from all chapter tests. "No random" helps me to remember it faster, like: mother- father - son - PROBLEM (but probably another member of the family, I don´t care who) :D
    Then I´d go the Practice section to seek more randomness & challenge & customized quiz. To repeat and re-study my old (skipped) PROBLEMs.

    I apply the trial and error method, because I have never studied japanese in proper class in proper school. Anyway, I support the random order idea, it´s challenging.

    And I want to see the grammar tests too.
    We have got the twitter examples feature to see new stuff in context, but it is - somewhat - a pasive way. Grammar test would be hell of an active possibility.
  • Ryumatori
    I'd like to see tests that incorporate whether or not you know the romaji form. That's something that has been on my mind ever since, it would be pretty cool and more helpful too! :D
  • beeant
    Hello Ryumatori,

    Do you mean you want the test with Romaji instead of only hiragana, katakana, kanji?

    If so, here is my answer, I think that hiragana and katakana is a really important part and it is the first step to learn Japanese.
    I don't include any of the test with Romaji because I dont want you to get used to romaji and never even Try to learn hiragana and katakana. In other words, I want you to force yourself to learn and use hiragana, and katakana. This way, I believe that you will get used to it without you realizing.

    Thank You,
  • StonerPenguin
    I completely agree with beeantさん. When I first started learning Japanese, I got annoyed whenever I saw people saying 'OMG I hate romaji!' but now that I'm at a more advanced level I see why. Learning to read again can be a great experience, it's very stimulating :) besides, you will see little or no romaji in Japan or on Japanese products, so it's really not very helpful :/ Learning to read now will help you later on; you can read kids' stories and most manga (with furigana) so yeah, good stuff! Here's a way to learn hiragana (with pronunciation too!) http://smart.fm/goals/24666 Happy studying~
  • Ryumatori
    Hmm maybe just an option perhaps to show what meaning matches the Romaji word...for like speaking at home or etc. I'd just like to know a lot xD but ya StonerPenguin and Beeant I see your point b^^d
  • beeant
    please take your time to learn Hiragana & Katakana.

    You can try do the tests with Hiragana/Katakana Table beside you, so you can refer to it anytime. as time goes, you will get used to it!
  • Ryumatori
    Alrighty then :) I've been using that site StonerPenguin linked and it has been helping too :)
  • beeant
    great! I saw that you have finished vocabulary chapter tests level 1. you learned fast!
  • d4veg
    Yeah I will also advice to learn how to, at the least, read hiragana and katakana. Writing it something to work on as well. If you practice regularly, it shouldn't take too long before reading it becomes second nature.がんばってください!