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I am applying graduate programs in Japan. Any suggestions?

I am recently planning to apply for the graduate program in Japan. I am currently studying economics at UCLA but not having an outstanding GPA. My GPA would be around 3.2 after this quarter, and I hope I could make it higher when I officially graduate. I had a pretty bad studying habit during my junior year, so my GPA dropped down. I have been asking my friends who are studying in Japan, and they said they could guarantee me to at least get into Waseda's English-speaking Econ Graduate Program since I am from a top-ranked collage, if I keep my GPA above 3.0. I don't really believe what they said, and I think it won't be an easy task to get into grad school in Japan due to its limitation of acceptances of English-speaking students. So I am asking for your help. Could you guys give me some suggestions on my applications, and do they really care about GPA if I have a very strong personal statement?


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