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Is it possible to have Donator perks?

It is as solid as gold that if you include perks such as borders, donator badge, or exclusive waifu collection, people will be willing to donate for fun stuff :)
Or startup a currency called weebcoin/nipcoin and have people donate for it to play slots and win rewards like your favorite busty mousepad
posted by Fufufu

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  • beeant
    Thank you for your suggestion. I have been thinking about that, but the donation system itself is not automated yet. I have to add the donator manually into the database.
    I will work on that once JCJP mobile app is released. I'm sorry for this..
    What rewards would you suggest?
  • Fufufu
    Rewards for a site like this could be fun things to promote individuality.

    Classic rewards that have been used:
    Able to change the color of your username
    For reference: https://gyazo.com/69d065497cd58f151a8e8f3f9f8af5de

    Higher donation perks,
    Able to upload .gif files as your avatar.
    Color animated I.E. Glow, Sparkles.
    My favorite is the rainbow animated names

    Etc. The idea is mostly vanity perks in a fun way!
    Anything the site offers such as unlocking more access, vip tutelage, etc would be entirely left up to you :)

    If you ever include a badge system, You could give donator ranks that display under forums and profile. It would be a cool way to show that you support the site. The idea is to visually reward and display your pride and joy to the dedication of Japanese language learning and induce a fun, competitive environment like what you have already done with rankings.


    You could even establish reward points like I jokingly mentioned earlier and when you earn enough, you could purchase mini-ranks and have them on display wherever your profile may show up
    Example: https://gyazo.com/4887a737b8c2a3e001a9f3af75df0843
    Add your own twist to them, these are just examples!