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Getting an idea of how well you are doing (Ratio)

I just had this idea where in games i.e shooters, it would show a ratio between deaths and kills that could be applied to here to (the ratio). Could the same be applied here with the vocab you got right compared with the ones you got wrong along with the kanji?

For example, If I got 100 vocabularies right, and 50 wrong my right/wrong ratio would be 0.5...and so on, at least I think it would be :p

I hope I explained it clear enough...but if not, I'll try to explain it better if asked.

Why this might help?: Well I figured it would give people an idea of their overall level of performance in how they are learning.

-Maybe if being under a certain ratio, you may need more practice or if you are over, then you are doing good etc. I think this would allow people to know where they stand in terms of skill and it will allow them to work harder to reach a new and more higher ratio...which
can maybe show on their profile page...or leader board...just an example. Anyway, thanks for your time :D
posted by Ryumatori

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  • beeant

    Actually we already have that statistics. you can see in your statistics page.

    But the ratio is shown as grade (A, B, C, or D)

    Ya I think it is better to use percentage?

    I have also collected the data on each vocabularies you answer correctly and wrongly. I just need to show the data. However the statistics page seems to be filled out, I have to redesign the layout and make a space for that vocabulary statistics.

    Thank You,
  • Ryumatori
    Hmmm well it would be cool if it could show both the grade and percentage, but it's up to you :)