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is there any alternative to imgur

facing some issue with imgur, is there any alternative to imgur.
posted by alice131

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  • _Heiyou_
    GET OUT. what's with people/robots posting fu-ricken things NOT related to this website at all??? it doesn't make any sense at freaking all.
  • alice131
    i just need
    help... i am nit a spammer
  • rblopes
    @alice131, sorry. There are basically two reasons why you'll be mistaken for a spammer:

    1) You're asking a question unrelated to this site. Maybe you'll have better luck asking us something like “what purpose does the は particle have,” or “what website have the best resources for learning Japanese”. Most of us known nothing, or care, about Imgur, though, even if you're just humbly asking us our opinion. I doubt people here will spend the time on an answer and your question will probably just be ignored and drown deep in the posts feed.

    2) You're behaving like a spammer. Given your previous posts contain only links to external sites, you may/will be mistaken for a spammer, regardless you're a real person asking a honest question or not. In addition, you have no other activities since you subscribed: no lessons learned, no experience points etc.

    Don't get us wrong. If you're just clueless and know nothing about JCJP, then we apologize. If you have any questions related to Japanese learning, feel free to ask. Me (well, maybe...) and the other fellow users over here can be of some help to you.

    (And, maybe you'll have a better chance browsing AlternativeTo.net, maybe...)
  • miharusshi
    @rblopes I honestly never knew about AlternativeTo.net.

    Thanks for the heads up
  • alice131
    @rblopes thanks