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Help please!

Hello, my name is Roblian.
I can't listen the sound files of lessons u__u
somebody can tell me how can i hear the sound files >_<

posted by Roblian

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  • spanz
    What browser do you use?
    For some reason, Chrome & Safari aren't able to play the sounds right now.
    Try to use FireFox or Opera.
    MSIE plays also the sound files, but fails in many other aspects, so it's not recommended.
    Plese, keep in mind that the sounds have a big delay (several seconds). Don't be too impatient.
  • Roblian
    Gracias por responder spanz ^^
    uso el chrome, probaré con el firefoz
  • suaracahaya
    was getting to ask the same question - luckily I stumbled on this thread ^^
    why it couldn't be played on Chrome?
    I've just migrated from FF to Chrome, today :-/
  • Stray_Mongrel
    I use Firefox, but there is always a 5-8 second delay between pushing the button, and when the sound plays. It would be nice to have these files buffered into the temp internet files folder, so they could be replayed quickly and rapidly.