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Cosplay Festivals

Hello! My name is Alexander. I was born and grew up in Ukraine. Now I live and work in England, but quite often I fly back home. We, in Ukraine, have some wonderful anime festivals, or as they are also called - Japanese Culture and Animation Festivals. The biggest and most memorable are FanEXPO (Odessa) and Wegame (Kiev). All festivals are held once a year and last for an average of 2 days.


Me as the Talon acting on FanExpo

In general, in Ukraine, most cosplayers sew costumes and make craft by themselves. Despite the fact that we have Cosplay Workshops, there are quite a few of them and their services are quite expensive. Most cosplayers are students or high school students who simply do not have enough money to pay for the services of professional masters.

An example - here is how I have created the Talon`s blade (League of Legends)

Therefore, most houses have embroidery machines, an equipped garage or a friend who can do craftings. The most common materials for craft - foam polyester and EVA, Worbla, so popular abroad, is almost do not used due to the deficit and incredible price.

Below I will list the festivals I've visited, the information on their sites is mostly in Russian, but the photos are available to everyone and everything is clear about them without knowledge of Russian / Ukrainian languages

Festivals of Ukraine:

FanExpo - Odessa

Anikon - Lviv

Khanifest - Kharkov

Otobe - Kiev (sorry, they have neither FB profile nor website)

Akihabara - Dnepr

Wegame - Kiev

I was almost at each of these festivals. There are certainly shortcomings in the organization, but in general, each festival is something special and the memories of their visit were only the most pleasant.

Me as Nick Wilde on the Natsunami

The development of the culture of cosplay in Ukraine has led to the emergence of more annual festivals, as well as an increase in the number of their participants. In which cities of the country do the native lovers of reincarnation feel most comfortable?

If earlier the most famous events for cosplayers in the post-Soviet space could be called events taking place in Russia, but now the movement is developing in full swing in Ukraine. In the same time, large cities and regional centers are in the lead.

Me as Meraud (gender-bender of Merida(Brave) on Khanifest

Every cosplay festival in Ukraine, wherever it goes, gathers audiences from different regions of the country. At the events, the participants share their experience and advice, demonstrate craft and new achievements. With every new event, more and more new people are attracted to the movement of cosplay lovers and costumes. This is due to a more qualitative level of organization of the events themselves, as well as the popularization of hick-culture through the Internet.

Most of the events in which lovers can take part in their favorite characters are happening in the capital: these are three large events. Among them, and WEGAME - Cosplay Festival in Kiev. This year it will be held for the fourth time, bringing together both eSports fans and cosplayers of different directions and genres - from anime to video games.

The "Face" of one of the festivals

Unlike other Kyiv cosplay festivals, the event can boast a rather impressive prize fund - UAH 15,000 for the best costumes and images in three categories.

A few years ago, it was too early to talk about an abundance of interesting events for Ukrainian cosplayers: the oldest on our vast expanses are the independent cosplay of the Kiev festival, which takes place in the capital, in fact, only 10 years. But he already has quite a few young competitors - these are events that take place in the Dnieper and Zaporozhye, as well as the all-Ukrainian convention in Zhytomyr.

Quite "young", but promising events for these geeks are held in the last couple of years in Odessa, one of them is aimed at cosplayers of anime-direction, while another covers a wider audience.

The cosplay festival of Ukraine is also very popular, not for the first year in Lviv. Participants come to him not only from Ukraine but also from the near abroad.

Some photos from different Ukrainian fests:

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